Friday, July 23, 2010

Off topic...But still a little cool?

So this week, Mike & I (well, mostly Mike) refinished my headlights.  Most cars experience a "haze" or a "yellowing" after a long time on the road, but I've noticed Mustangs tend to do it worse than others. 

It should probably be noted that I haven't had a whole lot of problems with my car, and I pray it stays this way.  I'm not complaining for one second about my 10 year old car because I love that car and I think if the day comes that I ever have to trade her in, I will probably cry.  Then again she's 10 years old, I'm not sure I can trade her in.  She might get scrapped or something.  So I guess I'll just have to keep my car.  Forever. 

Alright, besides the point. 

First we popped out the main lights and blinker lights.  Ladies and gentlemen, proof that my lights are original.  1999?!?  Wow.  My car is a 2000.  They were made 1 year before that.  Troopers I tell you.  Troopers. 

Next up, we polished and sprayed the cases with water.  Mike polished.  I sprayed.  And took pictures.  Lots of pictures. 

Following that little excercise, I thought I'd check on Maddie.  Well she was fine.  Maddie was inside and she was concerned that someone had placed a headlight on top of her "bedroom." 

Then it was back to spraying and sanding...

So here's a "before" and "after" shot for you...

And finally, a little look at Maddie when she decided that this game wasn't fun anymore and she didn't want anything to do with it. 

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