Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've never liked this woman...

...Elizabeth Hasselbeck. 

A few days ago on her show, The View, Mrs. Hasselbeck showed photos of Ms. Erin Andrews on Dancing With the Stars.  Mrs. Hasselbeck then proceeded to imply that if Ms. Andrews' stalker would have just waited a few months, he could have seen Ms. Andrews practically naked and wouldn't have to be in jail. 

Really?  Are you kidding me right now? 

First of all, Erin Andrews had her privacy stolen.  Through holes in her hotel room, a man was able to view and photography her in every aspect of her life.  She was a news correspondent, not an exotic dancer! 

At the moment I heard Mrs. Hasselbeck's comment, my heart sank.  Nothing that a woman can do or say is an invitation for her to be objectified, stalked, or assaulted. 

So I want to hear what other people think.  Do you think Elizabeth Hasselbeck is out of line?  She is 100% on the conservative side and makes no attempt to hide it, however has she crossed a line by verbally slamming a victim of stalking?