Saturday, July 31, 2010

Day 26: If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was destroyed, what 10 things would I bring (not including pets or people)

10.  My Nikon D60,
9.  My Lenovo T400 Laptop,
8.  My Trader Joe's bag filled with as many pictures/frames as it could hold,
7.  My purse,
6.  My Bible (but right now, it's sadly still packed in a box inside of our garage),
5.  My Fresh 'N Easy bag filled with as many articles of clean clothing as I could stuff inside,
4.  My Tiffany & Co pouch that carries the ring I gave myself on my 21st birthday as well as the silver bracelet and two rings that Mike has given me in our 4 years together,
3.  My make-up tote (don't laugh, that crap is expensive & has been accumulated over many years of searching),
2.  Books from anywhere around the house,
1.  and I'm sure I'd grab something stupid like the people you see standing outside of their engulfed houses on the news.  You know the kind, right?  They're standing there in an old prom dress holding their cat, a box of photos, and a bottle of expensive vodka.  That's right.  I'd probably grab the very large bottle of Grey Goose or Kettle One that we have downstairs.  I'm just stupid enough to do that. 

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Miss K said...

Hahahahaha! A lot of my stuff would be the same as yours sister! SO true about the random stuff people grab just because they have open hands that need to be filled! Luckily for me my room is mostly windows so I'd be able to toss a lot of stuff outside. lol