Friday, March 18, 2011

It's that time again!!!

I've talked about weddings before, in fact, I love talking about weddings.  Just a few months back on my blog, I talked about my friends weddings and being their bridesmaid.  I've been a bridesmaid four times.  I have a champagne colored dress, a bright pink dress, and two black dresses in my arsenal of dresses I can wear again. 

And also, because I forgot to mention it, I was a reader for my dear little sister Holly's wedding.  I cannot believe I forgot that one, mainly because she planned that thing so well that I cannot imagine a better wedding!  She had a candy table, wonderful wine, cute little frogs, a thumbprint tree instead of a guest book, and a basket full of flip flops for ladies whose feet were tired of heels!  It was fantastic.  Dreamy. 

But the unmarried friends are dwindling, in fact there are almost none of us left.  I suppose this is what happens as one nears the age of 30, right?  Right. 

Well the time has come, and I'm so flippin' excited that I can barely control myself, but my best friend is getting married!  That's right folks!  I've been blessed, beyond belief to watch from the front row as four amazing women in my life have married their best friends, and now I get to do it one more (and maybe last?) time. 

But the best part of it is, the way she asked me.  You see, we've always been artsy-fartsy type girls.  I scrapbook, she's a teacher, and we both love anything and everything at Michael's.  So when she called me on Wednesday to ask if I'd checked my mail recently, well I knew she'd sent me some sort of hand made card.  (Actually, I thought it was a save the date card.  I'm slow.) 

When I arrived home, I was so incredibly giddy that I had to snap pictures and share it with you. 

First glance, adorable! 

Adorable poem, and before the end I was in tears!  Mike was standing in the garage giving me the "what's wrong with you" look. 

Now it's time to unfold the dolls!!! 

Maid of Honor




Matron of Honor

Can I just start out by saying, this is one absolutely amazing bridal party!  These girls are awesome and each one of them is smart, beautiful, talented, and fun.  I'm honored to be sharing my duties with these ladies, and I thought I'd throw together a few pictures of us throughout the years.  Enjoy! 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golly Gee!

Sorry I'm not blogging a lot lately, to be honest, I'm checking things off of my "to do" list at a pretty rapid rate.  It's fun, but tiring. 

But I've sort of been seeing things differently lately and I wanted to share something with you.  No, it's not a religion or a book that will change your life.  (I'm rolling my eyes.) 

It's just my way of looking at things. 

I've stopped lying to myself. 

“Walking your talk is a great way to motivate yourself. No one likes to live a lie. Be honest with yourself, and you will find the motivation to do what you advise others to do.”

Vince Poscente
Yup.  It's that simple.  Don't lie to yourself because then you'll just perpetuate the cycle. 

Be honest with yourself about your feelings and your fears, it's made things a little easier on me.  But what's truly enjoyable is rejoicing in your own successes.  That's right.  You heard me right.  If you're going to throw yourself a pity party on Monday, why not throw yourself an I rock party on Tuesday? 

Go ahead, celebrate the smallest things in your life.  You're healthy?  Great!  You have a job?  Fantastic!  You lost two pounds?  Awesome!  Celebrate it!  I'm totally serious here. 

These can be depressing times and if you're not willing to have a little fun or find your own happiness, well no one will do it for you.  Trust me. 

Back in December I went looking for blogs related to Weight Watchers.  Yes, I'm back on.  No, I'm not posting progress or my tracking.  But what I will share are some things that are getting me through.  One of those things is a funny, but realistic, blog about a weight loss journey. 

Ms Bitch Cakes

She rocks.  She runs.  She's funny.  She's smoking hot.  Even if you're not a Weight Watcher, I guarantee you'll like this blog. 

So don't lie to yourself today, just see how it feels.