Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 11: 3 reasons to get out of bed tomorrow

I complain a lot.  I complain because it's what the women in my family do.  Then we complain because we have to listen to eachother complain.  It's a vicous cycle. 

But this is an easy question to answer: What are 3 reasons to get out of bet tomorrow. 

Reason #1:  I have to work.  We're busy at the lab and after a bit of a dry spell, I can honestly say I'm excited to work.  A backlog means clients and clients mean money and money means I get to continue to work.  I might complain that we're busy, but let me say this now: I'm grateful to be busy and I'm grateful to be employed.  I also have to do a ladies night this weekend, but let me say this again: I'm grateful to have booked this party and I'm grateful to have a little pocket money from it, no matter how much.  I will wake up Sunday with a few more dollars in my pocket than I had on Saturday. 

Reason #2:  I have to clean and cook for a hungry beast.  Oh yah, and I make Maddie's breakfast too.  Just kidding Mike!  This might sounds like complaining to you, but trust me, it's not a complaint.  I love having a home that we have to maintain.  I love having a little yard that we have to sweep.  I love having clothes that we have to wash.  I love this life we're creating, but sometimes it's hard.  I don't want to clean the stove, but I want to eat food that I've cooked on the stove.  Stupid "what goes up, must come down" theory: "what gets used to cook, must also be cleaned." 

Reason #3:  It's another sunny day in California.  I keep hearing people complain about the heat, but would you leave California?  Probably not.  We've got traffic, heat waves, earthquakes, and thunderstorms right now.  But what else do we have?  We've got every food treat under the sun.  We've got every movie theater chain you can think of.  We've got swimming pools and beaches.  We've got backyards and bbq's.  We've got malls and outlets.  You can do just about anything you want to do in California, and I personally wouldn't have it any other way. 

(But I wouldn't mind a little vacation either...)

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Terri said...

As one of the 'women in your family' I should resent your comment, but don't. However, on that subject I will say that although we do complain, we're better than many families I've been around, and it's rarely mean-spirited.