Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day16: What is the first things that pops into my head when I think of my father?

The slipper story. 

If you've never heard me tell the slipper story, well grab a cup of coffee and read on. 

If you've heard it, I apologize in advance.  It's much better told when the two of us are together, so I'll try to write it from the third person so you get both sides and not just mine. 

Once upon a time there was a little girl.  She lived in a two story house with her mother, her father, one dalmation, two welsh corgi's, an orange cat she had gotten for free outside of the grocery store, and a Plecostomus that looked like it was from the stone ages.  This little girl didn't have any brothers or sisters to torment, so instead she played tricks on her parents. 

To pass her mischevious time, she would sneak out the back gate and go play with her neighbors grandchildren when they were visiting.  The little girl was always very cautious though, because she wasn't supposed to cross the street by herself.  Instead she just stayed on the sidewalks and ran up and down the block because the other children usually had Squeeze-Its at their house.  (Remember Squeeze-Its?)

So when she would get bored, she would do silly things to try to trick her father.  One day, after watching Nickelodeon in the morning, she snuck into his bathroom where her father kept his robe and his slippers.  He was still asleep, so she stuffed little bits of toilet paper into the ends of his slippers. 

When the sleepy daddy woke up that morning and wandered into the bathroom for his robe and his slippers, he was very confused.  He hadn't had his coffee yet, so he spent about fifteen minutes putting his slippers on.  He would think he had them on the wrong feet, so then he'd switch them back.  The little girl had put just enough toilet paper in the tips so that he was confused, but not entirely sure what was wrong.  They were "any foot" slippers, but somehow he thought that maybe by wearing them in a bit, they'd become conformed to a specific foot. 

Finally he reached into the toes of his slippers and pulled out the little bits of toilet paper and came downstairs for his coffee and comics. 

The best part was, the little girl was able to pull of that trick a couple more times with the same effect!  He would be so sleepy he would just get confused and try to switch his slippers from foot to foot. 

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