Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 13: Weird is...

Weird is coffee.  I want to know, what genius decided he was going to make coffee?  Do you think he sat down one day and said, "Gee, I'm tired.  I need something that's bitter and strong and tastes a little bit like dirt to wake me up!" 

Or was it something like, "My sister in law is a raging bitch.  I'm gonna make her this drink and tell her it's a delicacy.  She's such a snob she'll have to drink it and pretend to like it if she things it's something fabulous!" 

I know what it was.  There was a really, really old man.  He was picking the beans one day because his wife told him to.  As he grumbled along at what a useless task his wife had given him, he laid down and fell asleep in the sun.  The beans were left in the sun and in the evening, he woke up in a field and he was hungry.  All he had to eat were these stupid dried beans.  He built a fire and put the smashed up beans in the water and boiled it to drink. 

In the morning, his wife found him and she tasted the dark drink he had made the night before.  She screamed out in excitement, "Finally!  You have done something without me asking you to do it!  Now if only I could "accidently" get you to do the laundry?" 

Okay, okay.  That's not it, I'm sure.  But no matter how it was invented, I still find it wierd. 

Coffee at Wikipedia

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