Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stacy's Wedding Flower Photos

So I've been playing around in Photoshop Elements 6.0 and I really like what I've been doing!

Stacy's wedding flowers were absolutely gorgeous and I couldn't help but take some shots of them. I started with the original below and then after each on is the modifications:

View from above:

View from the side:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Total Inspiration

So I was putting around today and got inspired to finally hang those frames I bought from Ikea in Mike's room at his new house. But the frames are boring. So then I started looking into ways to spice them up. I stumbled onto a website called DIYbride and found this great project using rub on transfers on glass vases!

Okay so what I'm thinking is that I'll use that same idea and spruce up these boring Ikea picture frames with some rub on transfers, so that Mike's little photo collage will be decorative, but still masculine. No ribbons, buttons, lace, or ooey-gooey love notes. Just a guy's wall.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions?

Back to School...

It's back to school for me today! Don't worry, it's nothing too crazy. Just a little Motorcycle Safety Course at Mt. SAC.

I hope I don't die on the practice bikes though! Mike & I will be there from 5pm until 10pm tonight, though. Then we have to go back on Saturday and Sunday from 7am until noon.

I'm not sure how Mike's going to do with 7am class time. You'd better keep him in your prayers. I'm gonna buy him a Monster, or maybe 10.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My New Baby...

I just want everyone to meet my new baby, her name is "Prima" and she is named that because she is Vespa's replica of the "Primavera" from the 1960's. (Think of the movie "Roman Holdiay")

Prima is a white Vespa S150 (150cc bike) with a top case added. She gets amazing gas mileage and $10 will fill this puppy up so that her gas tank is overflowing! Be jealous...

I will have my license after I complete the motorcycle safety course at the end of July, and then you will see me buzzing all around town!