Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 21: I can't believe that I...

I can't believe that I...bought a house. 

I wake up every morning and I stumble through this place and think, "That's my bathroom" or "This is my kitchen." 

I know I share it with Mike, I'm not trying to be extremely selfish.  The truth is that I do try to say "we" and "our" a lot more, but sometimes I'm amazed at everything I've accumulated (including the junk) and I have to sit back and just say "wow." 

Here's our dog, Maddie, sitting on our painted and refinished stairwell. 

Crazy, right?  When stuff breaks, I still look around for my Dad. 

1 comment:

Jessika said...

I know how you feel :) Good seeing you in real life this weekend!