Thursday, September 9, 2010

Woo-Me Woo-Me

I must preface this by telling you that I'm sort of a sap today.  I'm in a hopelessly romantic mood because on this day back in 2006, Big Mike told me that he loved me for the first time.  Sure, our anniversary is June 9th because that was our first official date, but on September 9th we were in love

We were sitting in my bedroom at my parents house (the bedroom I'd had since I was a little girl) and I'm sure I was making him watch some horrible movie that he didn't want to watch (because that's what I do) and he told me that he loved me.  We won't go into sappy details or how he said it or what I was wearing, but let's just say this: 4 years later, after buying a house together and all of the other wacky stuff we've been through, I absolutely cherish the memory of that day in my mind. 

So there you go.  Now you know my secret.  I'm a closet romantic. 

With that said, I read today on a friend's facebook page that "chivalry is dead, and women killed it."  My heart sank.  Chivalry can't be dead.  I still read about it.  I need it.  Every once in a while I get a glimpse of it.  If I have a daughter, I want her to experience some sort of chivalrous act. 

But what I want to know from you is, have you experienced chivalry lately?  How?  What happened?  Do you miss chivalry?  What do you miss most about it?  What does your love do for you that you adore?  Have you told him or her that recently?  What do you wish that your love would do for you? 

I'll start. 
  • I love it when a man carries a cotton hankercheif in his pocket. 
  • I love it when a man walks on the street side of the sidewalk. 
  • I love it when a man opens a door for a woman.   
  • I love it when a man picks the restaurant. 
  • I love it when a man does the dishes. 
  • I love it when a man makes the bed. 
  • I love it when a man tells you how beautiful you look. 
  • I love it when a man tells you that he loves you, repeatedly. 
  • I love it when a man holds hands with his wife of many, many years. 
  • I love it when a man can still surprise a woman. 
  • I love it when a man calls you or sends you a message throughout your day, just to remind you that you're the one that he loves. 
  • I love it when a man fixes things. 
  • I love it when a man falls asleep with his head on a woman's lap. 
What else am I missing here folks?


Laura said...

I love it when a man asks to carry all of your bags, whether it be all the girly ones from a day of shopping or telling you to go ahead while he gets all of the groceries in one trip.


Miss K said...

I think for many people chivalry is dead, but for people who are just genuinely nice and caring or in love it's not. I love that Matt always carries my suitcase or packs it in the car for me, he'll always hold my lipstick/camera/keys in his pocket without complaining, always drives when we go places bc I hate to, and he'll always taste something first for me when I'm not sure if I'll like it.