Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thinking of You

Every once in a while, I think he's still here.  I can't remember him leaving, so he must still be here, right? 

Sometimes, I see things in a store that I would like to buy for him.  Cookies.  Golf tees.  Suspenders.  Great sweaters. 

Every few months I find myself sitting in traffic on the freeway, and I'll talk to him as if he's right next to me and can hear me.  This seems to be the most odd thing I do because in reality he was deaf and he wouldn't have been able to hear me. 

I've had quite a few of those moments lately.  I don't know why, but he's on my mind a lot these days. 

I miss him, we all miss him.  Just look at that genuine smile that my Gramma has on her face.  That's not staged.  That's no lie.  There's no pose.  I can't be sure, but I'm fairly certain that he whispered into her ear right before someone took this picture.  I imagine he told her how much he loved her. 

He passed over 8 years ago, but sometimes I can't remember him leaving. 

You know that song, "Johnny and June?"  (If you don't know it, look it up.) 

Well, I change the words when I sing along to it in my car.  I sing, "I wanna love like Don and Lou."  Sheesh, I'm a sap.  Part of me cannot believe I'm going to admit to that, but the other part of me doesn't care. 

Love happy! 



Miss K said...

I love that song. it tears me up every time i hear it. I'm sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kipp

its Laraine's mom...I just wanted you to know I can SO relate to your blog mom has been gone 4 1/2 years...and I still have those "my mom will know" moments...

I enjoy reading your blog(also your fairy godmother one..I love photography)..great job!

Have a great day
paula fraijo

kippyskippy said...

Aw Mrs. Fraijo, thank you!!! That means so much to me!

Anonymous said...

Its Paula, please...or as Jamie stills says "mama fry"

If you ever need a baby model to practice pictures of ...I have the new cutest great niece..hehehe

..I wish Laraine would catch up on her blog...she needs to make something soon..

say hi to you mom !

Laura said...

That's such a darling picture :)

kippyskippy said...

Ooh a baby model! How old is the grand-niece? Newborn? Toddler? Carpet scooter? I'm definitely interested! I love to practice photography!

I'm getting ready for some holiday photos with my godson in the next couple of weeks! I can't wait!

Terri said...

Wasn't this taken on their 50th? I remember the day was about 3 months before I got married, and I held the hope that we would have the same commitment. Things don't always work out as planned, but certainly more often than not, for the best. I also talk to him often, and still believe he's hanging in there right beside me...not always agreeing with my decisions, but supporting me regardless.

kippyskippy said...

Yes, I found it in an album a few years ago when I was scanning things for mom and dad's 30th.

But believe me, he'd be there every step of the way and holding your hand through this whole ordeal. He never judged, only loved. And, it's really good to know I'm not the only one that just starts talking aloud to him.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kipp

My grand niece is 9 weeks old now...they live in Fontana but are usually at my house in Covina @ least one a week....

Jamie gave me your number, hope thats ok, let me know if you'd like to practice on her....I know my nephew and his wife would love to get some pixs of her too....

Hope you have a good to you soon...=)

kippyskippy said...

That sounds lovely! I'm actually not far from them if they would like me to shoot in the comfort of their home? Do you know what time of the day she is most active? Feel free to call me anytime or if they'd like to call also, is love to schedule a quick shoot to practice some of my techniques!