Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wacky for you Wednesday

I know it's late, but I wanted to share this with you:  Cleaning Your Hair With Beer

You're shocked, right? 

No really, read it.  It's pretty funny.  And useful.  Funny and useful is just about all I can ask for in my life. 


Katie Michelle said...

i have heard of doing this with flattened soda..i tried it once with the soda...i dont remember if it worked well or not though! lol

kippyskippy said...

NOOOOO!!! Not soda!!!

Sorry. The chemist in me just stepped out for a second. Soda is LOADED with citric acid. Acid + hair = bad news.

I think you might have read that people use BAKING SODA on their hair???

Mama Kandi said...

I've heard of using flat beer as a setting lotion on your hair, but that was the olden days of curlers and covered wagons. Oh, and it has to be flat. The beer, not the hair. Although I have that covered, too.