Friday, September 10, 2010

Fair Fridays!!!

For the time being, "Follow Fridays" will be replaced with "Fair Fridays."  Why?  Because I love the fair.  It's a highlight of my year. 

Our first installment of Fair Friday is all about getting into the LA County Fair.  If you're like me, then you will probably buy the season pass for $24.95.  That's unlimited admission to the fair and discounts on parking on weekdays.  This is ideal for anyone that's going to go to the fair more than once.  It's $12 per adult on weekdays and $17 per adult on weekends.  Trust me, $24.95 is worth it.  If you swear you're only going to go once, then here are the regular ticket prices. 

Parking varies in price as well.  $20 for VIP.  $15 for Preferred.  $10 for General.  On weekends, the Preferred or VIP is probably worth it.  During the week, the fair isn't as crowded and General parking is usually a bit closer than the busier times.  Big Mike and I almost always get General and then we walk to the entrance.  Let's be honest, we're about to consume at least one 20 ounce light beer and something fried.  We need to walk.

So, now you've picked your ticket and your parking.  But where to go in?  There are 2 main entrances on White Avenue (one coming in from the South and one from the North) as well as entrances on Fairplex and Arrow Highway.  Generally, I prefer the entrances on White Avenue because they are closer to the main gate of the Fairplex.  If you enter at Arrow Highway or on Fairplex, you're going to enter the fair in the Fun Zone or the area with all of the games. 

I hate carnival games. 

Big Mike hates rides.  Yes, even the Ferris Wheel and the Big Slide. 

We don't like the Fun Zone. 

Ever week I'm going to try to give you three things to do, see, eat, or drink.  This week, since it was just a quick trip on Labor Day, I'm just going to give you two ideas. 

Idea Number 1
The beer tasting inside of the Wines and Spirits Marketplace is a great place to stop.  There are a number of beers on tap and you can taste 3 pours for only $9.  When I say "pour" don't be fooled, these are 7 ounce glasses.  That's 21 ounces of real beer for only $9.  This is a Big Mike favorite. 

(Also at this stop are tequila, vodka, and whiskey tastings.  I'll talk about those on another visit.) 

Idea Number 2
Tasti Chips. I made the mistake of getting another type of potato when I couldn't find the Tasti Chips booth, but as soon as I found the Tasti Chips, I forked over $7 and entered immediate heaven. These are potatoes that have been thinly sliced and fried. Why? Because I'm at the Fair! You can add cheese sauce for an additional $2, although I think ketcup was just fine.

So now you have 2 things to try.  Big Mike and I usually go back once or twice a week during Fair season, so I'm sure I'll have plenty more things to tell you all about! 

Also, and this is a shameless plug, there are plenty of arts and crafts on display in Tapestry.  If you do happen to go there, feel free to stop by and check out the photography section all the way towards the left wall of the building.  All the way.  Way left. 

I have two photos on display there: One from this session here and another of my wonderful Godson from this session.  I didn't win a ribbon like last year, but I am sure proud of those two photos.  Feel free to stop in and have a little look-see and let me know what you think. 

Have fun at the Fair! 


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PPS What are YOUR favorite things to do at the Fair?  I'll try to get some photos and put them up!

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Momma Bug said...

I thank you very much for the heads up, i will be forking over the extra bucks for the closer parking since i will be walking with the Baby Bug!