Saturday, September 25, 2010

San Fransisco: Hotel Tour (Inn at the Opera)

When BM and I bought our tickets for the football game a few months ago, the seller threw in a 2 night hotel stay at the Inn at the Opera.  Let me make this perfectly clear: I am not getting paid for this review.  I am not affiliated with the Inn at the opera or it's parent company.  I don't know the employees and I didn't recieve any perks for writing this review. 

Now that we're done with that.  Let me tell you about our hotel. 

First of all, it was central.  Located on Fulton between Franklin and Gough, it's location places you smack into the heart of San Fransisco's Civic Center and Opera areas.  You're surrounded by beautiful buildings and amazing architecture.  It's breath taking. 

You're direct neighboring building is the home of the San Fransisco Ballet Compnay, which even though it isn't an immense or beautiful building, I had to admit that it was still impressive. 

Just accross the street from that is the War Memorial.  It may not appear to be much at first glance, but let me assure you that a peaceful stroll through this garden while enjoying the views of the Civic Center in the background is incredibly relaxing and very welcomed during our stay. 

The hotel is just about 2 blocks from Van Ness, which happens to be a major street in San Fransisco.  Catching the number 47 or 49 bus on Van Ness will take you to Ghiradelli Square very easily, and that's a short walk away from the Cannery and Fisherman's Wharf.  If you would like to ride a cable car to Fisherman's Wharf instead, you will find yourself walking east through the city's colorful streets to Powell and Market.  (My cable car experiences must be shared in a separate post because they're so infinitely cool and distracting!)

So when we arrived at the hotel, we were greated by one concierge behind the counter as well as a very friendly manager.  Both were curious as to why were were visiting San Fransisco and had excellent insight into some things we might want to try to make our stay a little easier.  Frankly, I had already done my research and prepared our travel arrangements before we arrived, but if I hadn't had this information it's really nice to know that they could have shared it with us. 

We waited a few short minutes for our room to be prepared, and as luck would have it, it was a beautiful and spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom suite on the 4th floor with a kitchenette.  If any of you are familiar with San Fransisco hotels, you know that this is rare.  We took the small, but clean, elevator to the 4th floor and headed down a short hall to our room. 

What awaited us was bliss, pure bliss. 

The entry room to the suite housed a small siting area as well as a kitchenette. 

We had a spacious bedroom with an extremely soft and plush bed. 

There was an open closet, television, and small stereo in the room for our comfort as well as a chaise lounge that we used to plop our bags down on.  It was here that I discovered that the rate for the room that we were staying in was $450 per night.  Wow.  I don't think I would ever pay that much for a hotel, thank goodness this was part of a package! 

A quick right turn found you in the main bathroom, which was quite larger than any bathroom I could have expected. 

In the room just to the right of the entry room, we found a pull out couch with an additional closet and ammenities. 

A short walk down the hallway would find you in the second large and spacious bathroom of the suite. 

We didn't expect the additional bedroom and bathroom at all, and I immediately had to email the gentelman that we purchased the tickets from to thank him for choosing such an amazing hotel. 

My favorite part about the second bathroom (other than allowing me to do my hair while Mike showered) was that just outside the window was an adorable little community garden!  I loved the idea of a community garden.  I loved the adorable little apartment windows that peeked over onto it. 

I know what you're thinking. 

It's no Ritz Carlton. 

It's no Waldorf Astoria. 

Well, bite me

The room was very neatly kept.  The entire hotel appeared to have undergone a recent rennovation.  Every wall or empty space housed a piece of artwork or something pretty to look at.  There was plenty of seating in the room as well as the common areas, and to top it all off there was a free continental breakfast every morning from 7am until 10am. 

We never tried it. 

I tried. 

I'll have you know I really tried. 

But vacation sleep wouldn't let me go downstairs that early!  Sorry! 

So there you have it.  That's where we laid our head every night.  That's where we slept, free of alarm clocks and wet little noses to wake us up.  That's where I found the bath tub that I want to replace our single unit shower with. 

Yes, it's true.  I made BM measure it to see if we could fit something like it into our master bathroom at home.  I'm   insane like that. 

If you're ever visiting San Fransisco, look this place up.  It's a gem of a location and the entire staff was friendly and very prompt.  I definitely recommend it, and if I can ever afford it, I would stay there again and again! 

Travel happy! 


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