Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take a Picture

Here's a funny story: 

Mike and I adopted a dog back in May and we named her Madeline or "Maddie."  When trying to figure out what her past name might have been or attempting to find a word that might make her look in our direction, we tried everything

Then, one evening when I was trying to get Mike to tell me what he wanted for dinner and we were playing our usual back-and-forth about what to cook, he starting saying "tacos y burritos" which is sort of a given for us. 

Maddie looked at him and turned her head 45 degrees almost like she was saying, "huh?

Now, anytime someone says "TACO" she does the same thing!  There aren't a whole lot of words that she'll do it for, but she'll tilt her head for "TACO" evertime. 

Yesterday I caught her in action, so enjoy.  Have a "taco tuesday" kind of day! 


Miss K said...

how cute!

kirkus said...

yup, i dont think that ever gets old...