Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm feeling wacky, with a side of nostalgia!

I thought I'd throw something "old school" at you today. 

So here it is.  One picture. 

Prom, 2001.  Four out of the 5 Princesses.  Remija, Desiree, Danielle, and myself.  Wow.  We look like little kids, it's so crazy! 

What's your nostalgia like?  Do you look through old photos like this? 

Reminisce happy! 



Brittany said...

I have a whole chest of old photos! I just went through a whole bunch this past weekend! i love looking at way back when pictures :)

Ohhh and the hair styles my mom had..


I wonder if mine will embarass Aidyn when he gets older! :) lol

Miss K said...

I try and never look at old pictures from HS because I'm just embarrassed at myself for my fashion/beauty choices. lol