Saturday, September 4, 2010

Be Social with THIS!!!

Well, it's Saturday again.  I have an extremely eventful and exciting day planned!  First, I'm getting a visit from one of my favorite people in the whole wide world:

DEVIN!!!!!  And his mommy, Rose. 

Sorry Rose, but that kid just gets me all excited and giddy.  I love you too, but he's rad.  He's super rad.  He's super duper with a cherry on top rad.  I can't help it. 

Next up, we've got the pre-season game that I've been looking forward to for months now:  UCLA v. Kansas State.  Catch it on ABC, kick off is at 12:30 PT.  Devin & I will be screaming like crazy people for those Bruins and you'd better believe we'll be in our blue and gold attire.  To say that I've been preparing for this is an understatemnt. 

I've been listening to the reports and watching all the twitter pages of the people involved.  Prince had a pain free practice early this week and our offense is beginning to come together.  Our coach is no longer "new" and the offensive coordinator?  Well, he's Mr. Norm freaking Chow.  I don't know what else you want to know.  There's veggies, onion dip, and lots of sodas at my house for anyone that wants to watch the game.  Just wear blue or gold and knock on the door.  The secret password is "8-clap." 

You think I'm joking?  I'm not. 

And finally, be social with your food this season.  Fall is a great time for social gatherings.  Big cuts of meat aren't too expensive and when I think of fall food, I always think of roasts and root vegetables.  That's when I saw this recpie here:  Beer Braised Beef

Wait a minute...You mean to tell me that she cooked beef (a favorite of Big Mike's) in beer (the ultimate Big Mike beverage) and served it on a plate?!? 

Oh my. 

I pine.  I perish. 

I salivate. 

Time to go eat some, right now.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.  Just go eat beef and beer.  I won't judge you. 

Watch football and eat happy,


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Momma Bug said...

So now after u have napped, had a week to rejuvenate are u still super excited to watch devin again? jp BUT he is a UBER UBER busy child