Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wacky Wednesday: Men's Product Review

So as odd as this sounds, wacky Wednesday is all about the guys today!  It's not a funny story.  It's not a cartoon.  It's a product review for the men in your life. 

Some of my earliest memories as a little girl are of my father getting ready for work.  He was a modern businessman that saved some of those classic traditions: he wore a tie to work daily with a double windsor, he carried a hankerchief, and he shaved using a badger hair brush and a bar of shaving soap. 

So as I got older, I realized that he also had a small collection of shaving brushes and old soap and razor containers.  They used to sit on a shelf in his bathroom and a realized that these were things of the past. 

That is until I found "The Art of Shaving" line at Nordstrom.  I purchased the shaving soap for my father for Christmas and he loved it. 

The next Christmas, I bought Big Mike a gift set at Nordstrom.  Soon after that, we were shopping in Las Vegas and we found the Art of Shaving store!  Mike picked up a few more products and I suddenly realized that this product line must actually be pretty good if all of these men are using it! 

Then we found out that you can schedule an old fashioned shave at the Art of Shaving stores! 

Last Christmas, I bought Mike the Classic Shaving Stand and it is so nice to see it out in his bathroom and actually getting used!  It's so much better than throwing everything on the counter or into a drawer!   

So if whether the man in your life is having problems with ingrown hairs or you're just looking to splurge a little and get him something, check out the Art of Shaving stores or head into your local Nordstrom and check out this line. 

Eat (and shop) happy! 



Miss K said...

I know we already talked about this, but this is such a great idea!

Soapbox Tara said...

My boyfriend has been using their stuff for years! He LOVES it all. Every time we go to Vegas we have to go there for him to get a shave and more products.

Terri said...

There is an Art of Shaving store on Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs...Austin goes there quite often...