Friday, August 13, 2010

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I talk about her like we're old friends. 

I cook her recipes like she's Julia Child. 

I take photographs and think, "Would Pioneer Woman like this shot?"

I think this lady has a bit of goodness for every one.  Her "Confessions" section cracks me up when she talks about her beloved (and sloth) Bassett Hound, Charlie.  Her "Cooking" section has me eating more butter than I ever have in my life.  Her "Photography" section has all my Nikon working overtime.  Her "Home and Garden" section makes me want to buy plates, necklaces, and earrings. 

I don't even wear earrings.  I hate earrings.  I only wear earrings when my best friends hand me a pair the day before their wedding and say "Please wear these tomorrow,"  and I do.  Because I love them. 

Gosh, I hope they know how much I love them. 

If you've ever given me earrings and I've worn them, then I love you.  It's the test of my love for you. 

Her "Homeschooling" section, well let's be honest.  I skip that section.  Who am I going to homeschool?  Maddie?  I doubt it.  She's doing fine in her dog school and I'm going to let her trainer keep on training.

So go check out the Pioneer Woman, and don't be surprised if you read a lot more things about her in the future! 

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Miss K said...

LOVER Pioneer Woman! I haven't cooked any of her recipes, but I do have a few saved to try for the next holiday, famine, or once I become married and is expected to make something edible.

ps I'm REALLY loving your schedule of posts!