Friday, August 27, 2010

Not really a "follow" but a suggestion...

I know quite a few of you have either gotten married, or are getting married in the next year.  2009-2011 is a time FULL of weddings for me! 

The past couple of times I've been invited to a bridal shower or one of my best friends is getting married, I've looked for something orginal to give them as a shower gift.  Wedding gifts should be for the couple in my opinion, but shower gifts?  Shower gifts should be unique.  I usually talk to the bride first and if she doesn't really need much, then my first choice for a gift for her is a customized painting of her wedding dress. 

Think about it.  Your wedding dress is going to be worn once, and then you'll wrap it up and put it into the closet for months or years to come.  But a portrait of your dress?  That can be hung forever in your home.  It's one of a kind.  It's your dress and your colors.  No one else has that portrait. 

That's when I found Sabrina on Etsy.  You can see her page here or if you'd like, you can ask me and I'll give you Sabrina's email address. 

She's professional.  Her portraits are simple.  The work she does is customized to the bride.  If there's a color you'd like or a flower you want, she'll add it.  She always sends you a "proof" via email for your approval.  Her prices are reasonable. 

This woman has stolen my heart. 

So here's a sneak peak of the last portrait I commissioned from Sabrina.  It was for my little sister, Holly, who got married in May 2010. 

Shop happy! 


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Miss K said...

How pretty and unique!