Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 30: 5 of my pet peeves are...

5.  My alarm on my Outlook at work. 
I know that I am the one that sets it, but every single time that thing pops up, it freaks me out. 

I need something more soothing than an annoying jingle and a pop up box that makes me think I've just been hit by an adult website or a trojan horse virus.  I think that if someday I fall over dead due to a heart attack, it's because my Outlook was reminding me of some stupid meeting I'm supposed to attend. 

4.  People who always "know" what they are talking about. 
I think I have encountered too many people that consider themselves educated in my lifetime, and I've even been guilty of being one of these people at one point in my life.  These are the types of people that when confronted with an ideal that does not agree with their life, they begin spouting off things that make them seem as though their opinion is 100% valid.  Here are some examples:
"My sister is a psychologist and she says that people are not homosexual due to any scientific or anatomical basis." 

"My pastor says that the Bible does not support evolution." 

"I bake cookies once per week, and you should always use cold butter and cut it into the dough rather than room temperature butter." 
Okay, well maybe that last one isn't soo bad.  But I have a problem when people base their opinions off of one single person or one single source.  Even worse than that is when my opinions are judged and my Christianity is deemed unworthy. 

(Yes, I've been told I was a bad Christian.  Apparently they didn't read Matthew chapter 7.)

With that being said, if you don't believe in evolution but your opinion is based more on multiple sources and you've actually read some papers, journals, or even books that have been written by evolutionary biologists then here's what I have to say:  YAY!!!  You have studied and learned, and decided for yourself.  I respect that opinion and I deem your words worthy. 

Also, on the same note, if you ask me to prove that homosexuality is hard wired into the brain or it's somehow biological and I cite theories that are currently being researched and reviewed then you need to respect that.  Just as much as I believe that the theory that homosexuality is anatomically based, then I resepct your theory that it is a choice.  Frankly, if someone is explaining any kind of a theory then an incorrect argument for their theory would be to reply, "But that's just a theory!  You can't prove it!" 

Theories are indeed only that, they don't claim to be the answer.  However, the next time that I'm explaining a theory that is currently being researched and they tell me that I can't prove it, my answer will be plain and simple and only one word: 


Also, if you're judging our country and the struggle we're going through right now with immigration and if you're out there protesting against what we're trying to do, then I sincerely hope you are a legal US citizen.  Otherwise, kick rocks. 

3.  People that refer to other people as "narrowminded."
Let's face it, a lot of liberals love to toss around the word "narrowminded" these days.  It's kind of like pointing a finger, three more are comin' right back at ya buddy! 

It used to be that conservative individuals were referred to as "narrowminded" because they didn't like change.  They favored tradition.  However, more and more I find that liberal men and women are using the term to describe anyone that doesn't agree with them, no matter if it's a matter of change or tradition. 

Liberals can have tunnel vision too, and I often find that they are like pitbulls when it comes to trying to change the minds of their peers.  I'm always open to discussions, but it's the people who are not satisfied with your company until you change your mind that bother the crap out of me. 

Just because someone doesn't share your opinion does not give you the right to judge them as "narrowminded."  In fact, your words back fire and you yourself end up looking like the narrowminded individual. 

2.  People that wear jeans head to toe. 
Come on.  You've seen it before, right? 

This image came to mind. Too much denim.
Celebrities can be attacked by denim too, right? 

Everytime I see bad denim happen to good people, I want to run up to them and ask them the classic line from Super Troopers:

"Are you the President and CEO of Levi Strauss and Co.?"

Alas, I am not that mean.  I usually just mutter "Canadian tuxedo" under my breath and walk away. 

1.  People who flaunt their assets. 
You know the type.  They can help you with something because they have a Master's Degree.  They never have that particular problem because they have a new car.  They don't argue with their parents because they are perfect.  They can wear any bathing suit in the world because they have no boobs and a tiny waist. 

(I don't know anyone that's ever said that last one, all of my girlfriends are real women and we're darn proud of it!) 

Well guess what?  I ain't buyin' it! 

No one is perfect.  No one knows everything.  No one has every object in the world.  Eventually I might know something that I can teach you or have something that you need to borrow, and I'd hate to see that day come and we're not speaking because you're so high and mighty.

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