Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thankful for him!

Sometimes I think I forget what a lucky girl that I am.  In fact, I know I forget. 

  When the junk mail on the dining room table piles up too high, 

  When the stuff to fix quads and cars is strewn about the living room, 

  When the pile of leaves in our cozy back yard becomes a mountain,

I forget how lucky I am. 

Sometimes I remember what a great friendship we have.  Actually, I remember a lot. 

  When we share a mountain of fried potatoes at the fair,

  When we lay by the pool on a warm day sipping on icy adult beverages,

  When I turn around and realize that I am no longer only myself, but part of a great team,

I remember our friendship. 

Soon after that, it dawns on me how much I love him.  More specifically, I love him unconditionally. 

  I love him when the towel is hung over the shower curtain instead of the towel bar,

  I love him when I kick a shoe in the middle of the night while heading back to bed in the dark,

  I love him when we're sitting in our home and doing or saying nothing in particular,

I love him because neither of us are perfect,

But he's pretty close. 


Laura said...

Love this! I forget sometimes too, it's so awesome to have great men in our lives :)

Miss K said...

so cute! great post!

leelu said...

Thank you Kipp! I LOVE this! And more importantly it makes me smile and my heart fill with happiness for you and Mike. So often I get frustrated with people who do nothing but complain about their relationships and I want to yell at them just that - you are so lucky to have someone! I hope to one day be able to say the same.