Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Completely Whacked Out Wednesday!!!

I don't know if any of you ladies have thought about this, but we spend a fortune on feminie hygiene products and pain relievers!!!  I don't know about you gals, but I think it's ridiculous.  I have a couple of really stupid and far-fetched theories about how government bodies should run and how they should handle things, and to be honest with you, feminie hygiene products is on that list! 

A long time ago, my mom said to me "I think that buying tampons should be a tax write-off." 

I think I was far too young to understand her frustration, however I'm getting pretty fed up with things as they are now! 

According to Netgrocer's website, a 36 Count of Tampax costs $10.89.  Now I did some rough estimation, and that means that Tampax are $0.30 per piece and could run a woman anywhere from $6 to $9 per month.  Add that up and you've spent about $100 annually on cotton wads wrapped in a boba straw!  It's so frustrating! 

Then, you start to add in all of the pain killers and water pills (I call them anti-bloatation devices) that women purchase, and you're just racking up a tab! 

Men aren't obligated to purchase these things. 

Women don't have a choice. 

I propose that all feminine hygiene products become tax deductible!  Who's with me? 


Brittany said...


How would we protest?

By not wearing anything?

See if the government likes our bloody train.

Didn't the Native Americans have a trail of tears?

Ours is blood.

Its much grosser!

kippyskippy said...

That would be a strong image! I don't even know who to call? The governor's office? The IRS?

Miss K said...

I'm in!! Let me know wear to sign the dotted line, vote, and where to protest!

Momma Bug said...

i would be soo stoked if that stuff was a write off!