Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dreams versus Reality

In a dream world, I would wake up when my alarm goes off. 

In reality, I hit snooze for about 45 minutes.  Actually, it's exactly 45 minutes because my snooze button is in 9 minute intervals and I hit five times.  Nine times five is 45. 

In a dream world, I would lookin the mirror and find nice, healthy skin looking back at me as well as my polished, straight brown hair in perfect harmony. 

In reality, I forgot to wash my make-up off the night before and I wake up looking somewhat like Edward Scissorhands and Joan Rivers's evil love-child.  I quickly wash my face and pray that Big Mike didn't see me like this. 

In a dream world, I would float down the stairs and find an iced coffee and some toast waiting for me in the kitchen thanks to the magical kitchen fairy. 

In reality, I stumble downstairs, pour the coffee all of the counter, burn the toast, and if I can't swallow my horrible excuse for breakfast then I make it a Starbucks morning. 

In a dream world, my outfit for the day would be hanging in my dressing area and free of wrinkles. 

In reality, I walk around the house half-clothed and in a daze (because I haven't finished the coffee) while I try to assemble something that will look decent under a lab coat all day.  Why do I bother? 

In a dream world, I'd take the scooter accross town to work. 

In reality, I take the car or the scooter across about 5 towns to work and put on my make-up in the parking lot. 

In a dream world, I'd have a leisurely and lovely, nutritious lunch. 

In reality, I have whatever leftovers Big Mike didn't eat.  I don't get too many leftover enchiladas or pizza, that's the good stuff.  He eats it before I usually get a chance.  I eat in less than 30 minutes and usually "al desko" instead of al fresco

In a dream world, I'd work until 5 o'clock and never later.  Then I'd stop at the gym on my way home from work! 

In reality, I'm held at work until the job is done or I'm ready to collapse.  This means 6 o'clock or later, and sometimes weekends.  I haven't been to the gym in nearly 6 months.  That's not an exaggeration. 

In a dream world, I'd come home to a salad, a glass of wine, and some amazing meal that is just overflowing with vegetables and herbs from my little herb garden. 

In reality, I come home and toss dinner together quickly so that Big Mike and I can eat before I fall asleep.  Luckily, he doesn't complain about me not making salads and vegetable filled entrees every night.  I wonder why? 

In a dream world, I'd read a lovely book or we'd watch a romantic comedy before falling asleep in some perfectly organized bedroom while wearing our matching satin pajamas. 

In reality, we watch something on television while washing dishes and doing laundry before I throw on some old tee shirt and collapsing into bed.  Big Mike and I have never owned satin pajamas, and I doubt we'll ever wear matching clothes in our lifetimes. 

I need to give it up, right? 


Laura said...

Yay!! I'm not alone. I won't ever give up on that dreamy luxurious life though. haha

Miss K said...

Oh Girl, you and me both!

Terri said...

In reality, if you had the perfect house and perfect life, you would have nothing to work towards, and I doubt that either you or Mike would be comfortable if everything were perfect...look at it as a work in progress, and enjoy what you have. Maybe I'll get you matching satin p.j.'s for Christmas, but it's a visual I just can't manage quite yet!

kippyskippy said...

Oh please don't buy us satin pajamas! I know for a fact we'd never wear them. We'd still wear old tee shirts and shorts.

Momma Bug said...

hahahah as i eat my lunch el desko reading your blog