Thursday, October 14, 2010

Follow Friday: Nuptuals

So it seems as though something happens in your mid-twenties and the water gets spiked with the wedding drug.  Don't get too excited, I'm not making any announcements about myself here.  I'm simply pointing out that over the past three years, Big Mike and I have attended quite a few weddings. 

I have been blessed to have worn a bridesmaid dress four times since 2002, and I am glad to report that all of the couples are still happily married and half of those couples are raising beautiful children together. 

In December of 2002, I was a bridesmaid for my childhood friend, Melissa.  She married the bad boy from our elementary school years (he was always getting into trouble!) and they had a lovely ceremony in the church that we all grew up in. 

In June of 2008, I got to pick my own bridesmaid dress for the wedding of my amazing stylist and dear friend, Stacy.  I have to say, telling your bridal party to wear a black, satin dress of their choice is a really awesome thing for a bride to do!  It also helped that both she and her maid-of-honor are hair stylists, so you know we all looked fabulous! 

In August of last year, I got all dolled-up again so that I could be a bridesmaid for my amazing sorority little sister, Jamie.  I don't know how this happened, but I don't have a single picture of the event. 

I was able to borrow this one from a friend though!  Notice my hand isn't really raised and I need more of a tan than I had for that bright of a dress.  I should have gotten an extra layer of spray tan that weekend. 

And finally, the last wedding I was in back in October of last year: my dear friend Cristina.  A weekend in Pismo Beach, great friends, a gorgeous dress selection, and an all around great time!  Once again, I forgot to get a picture with myself in it, so I borrowed this one! 

So I tld you all of that, so that I could tell you that today's follow Friday has a theme:  WEDDINGS! 

I only know one person that is actively planning a wedding right now, and you can read her progress over at Love, Lipstick, and Pearls.  However, we all have those friends that we just know are going to be engaged soon.  We can feel it.  It's like when the weather changes and our bones ache, it's just got to happen soon! 

So in honor of all of you soon-to-be fiancee's out there, I've gathered some links through the help of my friends!  I'm calling this my "ICW Website List" and according to my dear (anonomous) soon-to-be (I hope!) engaged friend, ICW means In Case of Wedding

The Knot (basic, but all inclusive)
Pretty Chicky (for the DIY brides)
Erica Rose (all around great gal, amazing photographer)
Denise Bovee (I don't know her personally, but I adore her work)
Macy's (because I would register there first)
DIY Bride (I long to be crafty if I get married)
Carnival Weddings (I'd get married on a cruise, wouldn't you?)
Lindley Scott House (but if I could get married anywhere, it would be here!)
Alfred Angelo (I always thought I would have a dress made, but I would still look here!)
Tiffany & Co (not necessarily for rings, but for bridal party jewelery maybe?)
Nordstrom: Wedding Shop (yah, you read that right, the mothership has wedding stuff too!)

So, what are your wedding tips?  What did you use when you get married?  What is one thing that you couldn't live without?  Where is your dream location?  Tell me all about it!  Let's dream together!  The sky is the limit here! 


Miss K said...

Thanks for the shout out girl! I definitely know that feeling of when a wedding is coming on! My fave websites are Style Me Pretty and Souther Wedding Magazines, they have tons of real weddings to get great ideas from.

Holly said...

You read at my wedding too!

Momma Bug said...

i heart pretty chicky!