Sunday, October 24, 2010

I have to share this...

This is too good not to pass along. Trust me.

So last week, when it was drizzling rain and cold, I was headed to work one morning when my car's "I'm hungry" light came on. So I got off of the freeway and stopped for gas. I pulled a $20 bill out of my wallet and headed inside of the quick stop to pay. As I headed out of the convenience store, I saw 2 police cars, an ambulance, and a fire truck pull into the gas station with their lights on. I stopped in my tracks because my parents taught me if you see police officers headed towards something, you don't need to be there. No looky loo's.

They got out of their vehicles calmly and were looking around but I thought nothing of it, so I started for my car again. A man next to me grabbed my arm and stopped me.

"You don't want to go over there," he said to me. 

"Yes I do.  That's my car."  I replied. 

At that moment he pointed to the back of my car and I realized that a man's legs were sticking out from underneath my trunk. 

It kind of reminded me of The Wizard of Oz, you know, that one part? 

My first reaction was I turned to the man that had stopped me with panic in my eyes and asked, "DID I RUN HIM OVER?!?

I'm sure I was a calm as a river when I asked this. 

On second thought, I probably looked a bit like that crazy comedian Bobcat Goldthwait on crack.  If you don't know the name, click here.  He's kind of insane, I apologize.  But I am pretty sure I sounded like him. 

So after I insanely asked the man if I had run over the gentleman that was now laying under my car, he started laughing at me.  I was hoping it was a nice laugh and not a "you're going to jail and I'm laughing at you" sort of laugh. 

At that moment, the clerk of the gas station walked out from the convenience store and towards the police officers.  They then began pointing at the man that was laying under my car. 

It was then that the man explained to me that the sleeping man underneath my car was wandering around the gas station when I had entered the convenience store to pay.  While I was inside conducting my business, he had climbed under my vehicle to sheild himself from the rain and for a little warmth. 

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that there were several beer cans strewn about the gas station and I overheard the police discussing things with the convenience store clerk. 

Apparently, the man had been wandering around the gas station and was very intoxicated.  The clerk had notified the police officers prior to my arrival, but as they were pulling in, the intoxicated man climbed under my car. 

When they approached the car to pull him from it, he was snoring!!!  Can you believe that?  He fell asleep faster than I do! 

The firemen pulled him out from underneath my car and put him on a gurney.  I was thanked for my patience and told that I could go ahead and pump my gas, which I gladly did.  But as I continued on with my day, I began to chuckle to myself.  I wasn't sure if I was the only person that thought this story was funny, so I decided to test it out. 

First I sent a series of text messages to my friend Momma Bug.  She told me that it was such a funny story that she had to go tell it to her boss, who also thought it was funny.  Then I called my mom.  Her reaction?  "I have to go tell this to your dad." 

Yup.  This was too funny.  Too funny not to share! 

So there you go. 

I pray this never happens to any of you. 

Feel free to tell this to anyone you see fit.  Make someone else smile today, tell them it's from me! 

May you all laugh until you cry! 



Brittany said...

bahahahaha! That is too funny! Great story!

Hey Barbie said...

That is too funny! Can't believe that really happened!

Miss K said...

SERIOUSLY HILARIOUS!! I would have asked the same thing though, just out of shock!