Friday, October 29, 2010

Pumpkin Carving!!!

Big Mike carved his pumpkin from our trip to the pumpkin patch a few days ago and let me have the seeds to roast! 

If you want a re-cap from the pumpkin patch, click here

Here's Big Mike drawing his outline onto his pumpkin with a marker.  If it were my pumpkin, I'd probably have just starting hacking into it with a knife and gouging eyes into it. 

This is probably why no one tried to convince me to carve a pumpking this year. 

It gets ugly. 

Brining my seeds.  If you boil them in salt water before you bake them, they're really salty. 

I love salt. 

My mother used to threaten to give me a salt lick when I was a little girl. 

I didn't ever tell her not to buy me one. 

The "artist" is getting more serious about his creation. 

Maddie is seriously confused at this point.  You see, up until now she had been wandering around the kitchen and trying to eat any of the stringy pumpkin innards that we accidentally dropped on the ground. 

She thought we were cooking.  Because in her mind, "when duh fatt peepole goes in duh kitchunn, dey drop duh foodduh." 

Well needless to say, she'd pick up the stringy orange bits and chew on them for a second.  Then she'd spit them out and give us a look.  Like the one you see above.  Sort of like, "WTF?"

Obligatory shot of the innards. 

And the carving begins! 

Eye numero uno is done! 

Then Big Mike "man handled" the pumpkin. 

He showed that pumpkin who's boss! 

Maddie eventually gave up on us. 

I'm pretty sure she started snoring at this point. 

Viola!  Here's the finished product, no candles.

I secretly call him Drunkin' the Punkin'

He looks drunk, right?  

Well let me light him up for you. 

One big eye, one little eye, and a half closed mouth. 

Actually his mouth is stitched closed if you look close enough.  But honestly, that doesn't go with my "drunk pumpkin" fantasy. 

So now he sits in our kitchen every night, but this weekend we'll put him outside for all the little boys and girls to see! 

What do your pumpkins look like?  Post a link in the comments if you have it in your blog! 

My friend Laura posted her pumpkin photos here. 

Carve happy! 



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LOL!!!! Here are the 2010 pumpkins~

P.S. Pibb was doing the same things as Maddie. I even found a few seeds remains lying around today. haha!!