Friday, October 8, 2010

"Finally!" Friday

No, I'm not saying "Finally!" because it's finally Friday. 

I'm saying "Finally!" because after more than six months in our home, I've hung some pictures and purchased a tiny bit of decor. 

We bought the house at the beginning of March, and if you want to check out some of the blog archives from that period of time just click here

Then in April, we started in on some heavy duty work and you can see more of that by clicking here

But now, I'd like to present to you where we're at now!  There's pretty paint on the walls, no horrible painted cabinets, and new light fixtures and switches in every single room! 

Take a peek! 

Big Mike and my father installed a new front door and lock.  I was so impressed and I absolutely cannot believe how amazing of a job the two of them did!  The door opens and closes like a dream, and after I painted it and Big Mike installed the new handle it really added a bit of warmth as guests entered the house. 

Perhaps you cannot tell, but we haven't even painted the interior of the new front door.  I keep saying I'm going to do it, but it's just not a priority since it's not really an eye sore.  However, Big Mike did add the molding to the sides of the door and it really came together nicely! 

Here's an example of how a simple and affordable light fixture really helped me feel at home.  Those doors behind me are actually hiding our amazing laundry nook and the color really helped to open up or sort-of-small powder room. 

Pictures!  That's right, I hung pictures!  This is when you're supposed to sigh and say, "Finally!"

Here are some mirrors on the opposite wall in our entry way.  I thought about this for a while, and as odd as it seemed at first I have to say that I'm happy with the circular mirrors instead of one large mirror.  If you're looking to do the same thing, I picked these up at Target or you can order them online by clicking here

Now, as we head into the kitchen I'd like to show you one of my favorite changes: the over-the-range microwave!  Our dear friend Aaron was able to take the existing cabinet that was mounted there and trim it down for us.  The small double-door cabinet that now sits above the microwave is actually made from the original cabinet!  Then we mounted the microwave and I added the small sign below that reads "My four food groups consist of Fast Food, Frozen Food, Junk Food, Takeout." Yah, I'm funny like that. 

Next to our cup cabinet in the kitchen, I added a few signs (also from Target) that I like to think of as my "shrine to carbohydrates" area. 

And just one more frame near the hall way as you turn to head up the stairs.  I have to point out that Big Mike even replaced the door bell (above the frame) so that it no longer was old, yellowed, and dated.  The things that he does for me are absolutely amazing! 

So, what do you think?  Where do you shop for home decor?  What are some of your favorite finds?  Where do you print your photos or buy your wall art?  How about some great places to pick up some inexpensive holiday decor?  I'm dying to know!


Tara J said...

I love red door! It looks great Kipp!
My favorite place to get wall art and backyard decor is the OC Swap Meet. It's amazing! I've gotten a ton of stuff for my house there.
I also get a lot of stuff from Target, World Market, Pier 1 and Lowes.

Laura said...

I love the red door too! I'm definitely going to get the circle mirrors, my bedroom needs some sprucing up!

Laura said...

P.S. Ikea is THE place to go :) Inexpensive but something for every decor style!

Miss K said...

looks really good! i love the sig ep red door too! it's a nice shade that's really welcoming. i never buy home goods since i don't have a home to decorate, but there's a tj maxx home store in chino i've heard good things about. marshalls also has great stuff.

kippyskippy said...

I find it hilarious that you all love the red door because Big Mike & I hate it! It's the HOA door color & we didn't have a choice. But the Home Goods store ( I think it's owned ny Ross) & IKEA are 2 of my favorites. I will have to find a deal meet.

Momma Bug said...

Im sooooo happy you can not say its not like hotel any more, pictures look great up and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the bubble mirrors!