Saturday, October 23, 2010

Shopping Day!!!

A few years ago, my mother and I attended a Pampered Chef party at the home of our stylist, Stacy.  I've been pretty hooked ever since! 

Of our purchases, I was given most of them when I moved out.  A lot of what we bought were serving dishes and such, and my mother agreed that this was a great first set of serving items for my first home. 

One of my personal favorites is the Family-Size Quick-Stir® Pitcher - $22.50

It's perfect for double batches of Crystal Light in the summer, and believe me, Big Mike drinks a lot of Crystal Light Pink Lemonade in the summer! 

Next, the Classic Batter Bowl - $15.00

This thing is perfect for pancake batter or stock that you aren't ready to use or that needs to sit for a few minutes.  The cover is light, but extremely durable.  The glass portion is thick and although it's heavy, it can withstand a few hard knocks on the countertop.  There is a smaller size too! 

Finally, we picked up a few pieces from the Simple Additions® Collection.  Some of the items we purchased are no longer available, but a few still are: 

Medium Square Bowls - $22.00

Medium Square Plates - $22.00

Petite Squares - $12.00

But as you read this, I'm getting ready to attend my second Pampered Chef party at my dear friend Shannon's house.  My mom and I are going together again, which could get dangerous.  So I'm giving myself a budget.  Also, I have at least one item I know I'd like to order:

Double Boiler - $20.00

I've searched high and low for a double boiler, and I couldn't find one!  Picking one up this weekend for $20 seems like a reasonable request for me, and since I plan on making a lot of chocolates this holiday season, I know I'll get good use out of it! 

If you're interested and would like to order something from the line, feel free to head over to my friend Jennifer's Pampered Chef Page to contact her with any questions or just orders! 

Cook & shop happy! 


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Hey Barbie said...

LOVE the pitcher. I've been looking every where for square plates, and the only place I've found them was at Kohls.