Monday, February 1, 2010

Escrow: Day 8

Well, you guessed it:  Problems popped up with the home inspection.  Getting all of the utilities turned on was such a hassle! 

Edison was awesome in scheduling their turn on for Wednesday, a whole 24 hours before the inspection.  Cucamonga Valley Water District was even better for scheduling their turn on for Tuesday, a whopping 48 hours before the inspection. 

Then came The Gas Co.  Ugh.  Stupid Gas Co.  Needless to say they wanted the most money for a turn on fee and then in order to get an appointment window that was only 1 hour long instead of 4 hours long, I paid an additional fee!  This is ridiculous.  Don't these people know that there are multiple schedules being coordinated here? 

Well all of the utilities are scheduled to be turned on.  Michelle is able to make it to the appointments.  And I've got to take just about the whole day off now.  Let's just hope Mike can be there. 

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Anonymous said...

Ahh i remember that nonsense! :) good luck