Saturday, December 4, 2010

December Musings: Day 4

Do you know what this is? 

Do you understand the glory that I've just discovered? 

Do you know how smart this person is? 

This is a picture from this blog right here, about holiday crafts.  This girl rocks.  She makes all sorts of things and bakes and photographs and has style and well, she's basically cooler than I am. 

But here.  In this one single photo, she's solved one of my major dilemnas: What to do with holiday cards? 

She cuts a circle from them (encompassing as much or as little of the card as you'd like) using a stencil and she sets them on ribbon with clips to use as holiday garland. 



I'm going to do this since I hate throwing away cards and we need a little garland around our new home.  What a perfect way to remember Christmas past! 

Now...who's going to send me my first Christmas card in our new home! 

I cannot wait!

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