Thursday, December 2, 2010

December Musings: Day 2

I saw this yesterday at the LA Times website.

So yesterday, I'm flipping through an LA Times article about Christmas presents for pets and I stumbled upon this little beauty! 

I happen to have 2 Boston Terriers, a 10 year old brindle and white male as well as a 1 year old red and white female.  I've mentioned them multiple times, but just in case you need a visual:

So there I was, faced with a dilemna: These things are $599 each?!?  Okay that's more than a dilemna, I would have to be mentall ill to pay that much money for a coffee table with a pad in it. 

Scratch the word dilemna, I'm no longer even contemplating these things. 

However if I win the big lottery, expect to come to my house and see coffee table/dog crate combinations all over my insanely large house.  That's the only way I'd ever own these things. 

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