Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's Talk About "THE WEDDING"

I'll admit it, I watched the Royal wedding.  I figured if I was going to do this, I was going to do it right.  So I recorded the wedding on BBC America.  Not an American channel, a British one.  This was important since I need the "accents" to get in the mood. 

Here are some moments that caught my eye and what I imagined was going on. 

When Catherine arrived at the church (or the Abbey, whatever) and the gentleman opened her door, she motioned for him to lean down so she could tell him something before she exited the coach.  Here's how I imagine that going:
Catherine: "Excuse me?"
Nice man openeing the door: "Uhm.  Yes mumm?"
Catherine:  "Well you see, I'm about to get married to the Prince, and I've got a whole lotta dress in this back seat with me and my pop.  So the thing about it is, please don't let me trip and fall on this dress because it might be the only thing people remember about today." 
Door man:  "You got it sister." 

Next up, she had a little conversation with the fellow that was going to lead her down the aisle.  Now I sort of imagined that was the run of the mill stuff.  You know, "Nice day" "Lovely weather we're having" and of course "So, is the Prince here yet?" 

Then, Prince Harry turned around and saw Catherine coming down the aisle.  He then turned to his brother and whispered something.  Now this article says that his words were "Right, here she is now."  I like to think it was more like, "Yup, you scored the pretty one."  Or maybe, "Last chance, we could hop in that 1902 horse drawn carriage right now and bolt outta here.  Or maybe we'd just better go on foot." 

So then, the ceremony.  I was baffled.  No kiss?  Only a ring for her?  And why were there only men and boys in the choir?  Do British women avoid singing?  No really, these were things I was asking myself in between sips of coffee and wondering what in the heck all the stuff on the Prince's coats meant.  Plus, I was looking forward to them writing their own vows, and unfortunately they didn't do that.  They did, however, write a very beautiful prayer that closed out the ceremony.  I enjoyed it, every word of it. 

Then they showed people in the audience.  I only knew one of them, Elton John.  Then I got all teary-eyed because I remember him singing Candle in the Wind at Princess Diana's funeral in that very same location.  I remember the song and I remember crying.  It was a very odd sensation. 

Then the panned around, and I looked at hats.  Camilla (or Cruella as I always seem to call her) was wearing a hat that looked like a doughnut to me.  Yup, a doughnut.  Fergie's daughters looked like a parody of British fashion, so I won't be surprised to see those outfits show up on Saturday Night Live or something. 

Finally, Mrs. Middleton.  Did anyone catch a good look at her?  Quite a looker.  The legs on that lady?  The perfect silhouette?  The simple powder blue suit and hat?  Man, I know the Prince's took one look at her and said "If that's what Pippa and Kate are going to look like when they get older, then SIGN ME UP!" 

I also learned that we stole the music from God Save the Queen for our own song, My Country Tis of Thee.  Yah, I'm way behind on the times. 

Finally the kiss.  Loved it.  I loved the rejoicing.  I loved the whole family out on the balcony with them.  The show of solidarity.  Then, this.  The little girl that will forever be known as the "kiss hater."  Cracks me up. 

Well I'm no fashion expert, for that I turn to my friends.  But I will say this, Catherine knocked it out of the park yesterday.  Two dresses, both elegant and classic.  Polished look, nothing over the top.  Very safe, very endearing, and very beautiful.  Prince William is a lucky man. 

For the record, Pippa's look was my absolute favorite.  She complemented her sister perfectly, while still maintaining an idividual look. 

So go check out all of the links in this post, and share some of your favorites in the comments section! 

Oh, and for those of you that noticed, I drank coffee during the wedding.  Not tea.  Take that! 

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