Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Okay, I'll admit it, my priorities have changed a little over the past 12 months.  Last week, Mike & I celebrated our first year in our first home.  Well, we celebrated a lot of things because it was actually my birthday and Mr. Beans' birthday as well. 

How did we celebrate our first year here?  We planted.  Again. 

I've tried to plant several things over the past year, and I've learned a few things about what I can and cannot grow.  Daisies don't survive.  Our first round of sod got moldy.  Herbs, I can do herbs.  Pepper plants are evil. 

Here's what I can report.  We bought a Dwarf Meyer Lemon tree a few months ago.  It gave a few lemons, stopped, and now it's flowering again! 

My Rosemary and Oregano (or is it Thyme?) from my first attempt at herbs are still thriving!  I love using them!  So I've added in Basil (again), Mint, and Chives.  I can't wait to get to use all of these more!  I love fresh herbs in dishes. 

Mike bought me an entire flat of Snap Dragons.  I.  Love.  Snapdragons.  Ever since I was a little girl, I made it a point to stop anywhere they were and play with them.  They are part toy, and part flower.  What else can a girl ask for? 

Finally, we bought two Ranunculus.  Mike liked the name and he keeps calling them "redunkulous" and I loved the pom-pon looking poofs that are their flowers.  They were less than $2 each at Lowe's, so if they die I won't be too sad.  Just my pride will hurt, not my wallet. 

So that's what is in my garden, what is in yours? 

Plant happy,



Tara J said...

I have tired to grow tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro, basil...and numerous flowers and can't. I just don't have a green thumb apparently.
All of yours looks very healthy and nice!! Good luck with them :)

Laura said...

I'm planning to do the usual herbs (chive, basil, rosemary) and I'm going to do a hanging tomato plant and get a couple things of lavender. Just have to wait for the snow to stop completely!