Thursday, November 18, 2010


I've been in "random" mode all week.  My company has some important visiors so I've been on edge every day.  So on my way to and from work, my brain has started kicking in to some really odd walls lately. 

Did you know that Taylor Swift was the opening act for the Jonas Brothers a few years ago?  Well she was.  Now I want to call up those Jo Bros and say "So what does it feel like to be totally and utterly eclipsed by a former opening act and ex girlfriend?" 

Yah, I'm not a nice person. 

Yo Gabba Gabba is coming live to the Nokia theater.  I saw the commercial.  It looks like a rave for little people. 

Really little people jumping around with colorful lights zooming all over them?  Yah.  That's a rave. 

OK Go's treadmill dance still makes me chuckle.  Go to You Tube and look it up. 

Many cities and counties accross the country are banning plastic bags in supermarkets because of their ramifications to the ecosystem and dumps.  What about banning paper or styrofoam cups at coffee shops?  How about take out containers at restaurants?  I'm just laughing to myself because eventually I'll need to pack my thermal mug, tupperware, and re-usable grocery bags with me when I leave my house.  I'm going to need a suitcase for all of this crap! 

Ree Drummond challenged Bobby Flay to a Thanksgiving Throwdown yesterday.  Bobby Flay didn't make mashed potatoes.  Bobby Flay lost.  I hope he got the hint.  Potatoes are pivotal. 

If you'll excuse me, I have to go dye my hair red, buy a farm in Oklahoma, and get Big Mike a few pairs of Wrangler jeans. 

Brett Favre is the spokesperson for Wrangler, right?  Nevermind.  No Wranglers.  I am mad at Mr. Favre. 

I was at Michael's last night and I was looking at Christmas decorations.  I must have picked some things up because when I got to the check out stand a woman said, "My aren't you pretty and sparkly!" 

I smiled and gave a polite laugh before I left the store.  When I got to my car, I looked in my mirror and found that I had that stupid, really fine, impossible to remove glitter all over my face.  I looked like a woodland fairy.  Well, I wish I had looked that good.  I looked like a really tired and slightly angry woodland fairy. 

I hate fine glitter.  It's static charged or something so it can stick to anything it touches. 

The Target sale starts at 4 o'clock in the morning on Black Friday.  I feel horrible for all of the Target employees.  Just horrible.  I hope they get free coffee or barbituates if they work that shift. 

That is all.  I hope you enjoyed my blah, blah, blah! 

Think happy! 



Laura said...

hahaha!!! Love your randomness :) Can someone explain to Bobby Flay that mashed potatoes are a staple for any Thanksgiving dinner??

Critter said...

I thought that might be the pioneer woman you keep mentioning, and I watched part of it before passing out. I wasn't sure if you watched the food network.
And as a Target employee, I am pleased to tell you I don't have to work on Black Friday, however they give us food, not good food, but some food and LOTS of coffee. That is one of the MANY reasons I am not working that day.

Momma Bug said...

That was awesome, for some with add I was into every word lol