Sunday, December 4, 2011

3rd Annual Cookie Exchange!!!

I attended my first "Cookie Exchange" in 2010, and I'm lucky enough that my dear friend, Shannon, has decided to continue her tradition for the third year in a row!  So Saturday evening, I packed up five dozen of my favorite home made chocolate chip cookies and a wrapped ornament and set off for Shannon's home. 

Upon arrival, we played a few party games and ate some delicious soup!  It was such a wonderful mixture of friends, both new and old, that time absolutely flew by!  There was also a selection of various snacks and beverages, including a delightful "Poinsetta Punch" which was a coctail made with vodka, cranberry juice, and a sparkling wine.  It was so good! 

Following dinner, we had an ornament exchange structured like a "White Elephant" exchange.  The rules allowed each ornament to be opened, and stolen up to three times and allowing it to rest with the fourth person.  This provided for quite a few laughs as we all recalled which ornament was so highly covetted last year: a glass pickle!  Well there was a glass pickle again this year, as well as wine glass ornaments, high heel ornaments, a reindeer, a sparkling snowflake, and even a whale! 

After everyone settled in with their new ornaments, we all began the cookie portion of our evening.  Everyone's cookies had been arranged around the main table, and each person was given an adorable platter (that our lovely hostess picked up for us) to fill with their own choice of delicious baked goods! 

There were so many choices, but the lovely part was that you didn't have to choose!  You filled your platter and tasted whichever cookies or bars you liked, and when you were satisfied you simply wrapped your platter up with plastic wrap and you were able to take it home with you to take with friends and family! 

So next year, I highly suggest you gather your lady friends together for a cookie exchange.  Tell them recipe cards are highly suggested, buy a bunch of cookie platters, and party away! 

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