Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A little tidbit about me

I covet. 

Yes, I know it's a sin.  The first step to growing and bettering yourself is admitting you have a problem, right? 

Well I'm admitting it.  Everything is always greener in someone else's garden, and I mean that literally as well because I can only grow a few things.  In fact, considering that I had to take several botany classes in college, I'm an embarrassment to the biology field.  I can't grow very much at all. 

But the truth is that I've struggled with this throughout adolescence, my college years, and I continue to try to keep myself in check today.  Just this week, I had to have a little heart to heart with my dear friend about my behavior.  I was in a huff because someone I knew had been recognized for something that I had done, not this person. 

She put me in check.  She told me, "You know?  They just talked about that at church last week!" 

Ouch, double zing.  Not only was my behavior sinful, but she pointed out that I had been spending a bit too much time at work and not enough time at church. 

So I went to my church's archives online and sure enough, Bill Heydorn's words smacked me in the face. 

So I'm going to share it with you.  I challenge you.  I beg you.  I ask you.  Please, listen to his words.  Listen to his justification.  Listen to his advice.  Click here and follow the link for "What's in your bowl?"  to listen to the audio. 

What did I learn? 

You cannot stay focused on God and all of the blessings that He bestows upon you when you've turned around and you're checking out what the people around you have recieved. 

Have a blessed week! 


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Laura said...

Perfect post, Kipp. I have been struggling lately with comparing myself to the "amazing" lives all my friends seem to be living (at least it looks like that to me). I need to get back to being thankful for my own blessings and working hard to obtain the things I want instead of envying everyone around me. Hard, but I'm going to try!!