Monday, June 21, 2010

"Not a tavern, But a temple"

I had a dream last night, a nightmare actually.  In my dream, a maintenance man came to my door and said

"I'm sorry miss, but this isn't your house anymore.  Your house is on the other side of the complex now." 

And with that he handed me a key and walked away.  I immediately ran up to get Mike and started crying.  I explained to him what the man told me and he just started packing.  He didn't question it or put up a fight at all. 

Well not this girl.  I started calling people.  Our realtor.  My mom's realtor friend, Lori.  My dad's cousin who happens to be a lawyer.  Finally, I called our HOA president.  He informed me that our home was being turned into some sort of a vacation or rental property and we had to move out immediately and into the other unit. 

Well that's when I woke up.  The truth is, our HOA president cannot rent out our house.  No one can make us move unless we want to move.  But that didn't stop me from sitting upright in bed and trying to catch my breath.  Apparently I woke Mike up (and Maddie).  He asked me if I was okay, and I said I was fine and just got up early. 

It finally hit me:  This Friday will mark our 3 month anniversary since we moved into our house and I'm attached.  We've had guests over a few times now.  I've used the pool (once).  Things are starting to find their places in the kitchen.  I've nailed three pictures to the wall in the dressing area.  Our mail comes here.  Our Maddie-Poo is there to run and greet me every evening when I come home from work. 

The reason that dream scared me so much is because I've finally let myself become attached to this house.  I think before, I was waiting for the day when someone would knock on the door and tell me that this really wasn't our house.  Now, I know for certain that it is truly our home, not just some place we're staying for a little while. 

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