Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wow. It's an opinion.

Dear author of the blog below (hereafter referred to as "Mr. High School"),
  Please know that your thoughts have stirred some fairly deep emotions within me and while I mean no disrespect to you, I have decided to stand up and make my feelings known.  These feelings appear to directly contradict yours, and while I do not apologize for my words, I do apologize if they upset you.  Then again, my mom always told me that no one can ever get in trouble for telling the truth.  Let the truth begin. 

The Blog post that started this whole shennanigan.

Have you ever read something so graphic from someone that you felt like you had to turn away?  Have you ever heard words so disturbing that you cringed at them?  Have you ever felt trapped in a right-wing, patriarchal, and oppressive situation? 

Well I felt one of those feelings almost every day of my high school career and it's taken me until now to realize why: some Christians are nuts. 

Please note: I am not calling Christianity nuts.  I am calling some religious followers a bit crazed. 

So in my browsing, I came accross a blog entry from someone that attended my high school.  (See the link above.)  A Christian high school.  And before you ask, no, I didn't know him very well. 

This is the same Christian school where when I was 13, they showed "The Silent Scream" in an assembly to deter us from abortion.  The same school where at age 14 I was asked to leave a Bible class by a teacher when I vocalized that I did not align with his beliefs on gay marriage.  The same school where a male teacher and coach could get his girlfriend pregnant and still have a job, as long as he married her before the baby was born.  However, it's also the same school that an unwed and pregnant female teacher's contract was not renewed because she was not marrying the father of the child.  Gee.  Double standards much? 

Forgive me if I seem just a bit put off by power hungry religious organizations, but at the moment I find that my experience with them shows that they are some of the absolutely the meanest, scariest, and downright flawed organizations around.  I'm not kidding when I tell you that I didn't have to rebel much against my parents because they weren't strict at all compared to what I dealt with just walking onto school grounds every day. 

So, Mr. High School has written a post about his view on gay marriage.  The post originated a year ago, and I'm just now stumbling on it and gagging right now.  The most insane statement to me is the line which states (hypothetically to him I believe) "If we aren't all created in the image of God equally then we are all unequal." 

Did I read that correctly?  Am I to believe my eyes?  So if a person doesn't believe in God, and therefore doesn't believe that we're made in His image, then we are unequal?  Believers are better than non-believers is what I boil that down to mean.  Why on earth would we (Christians) spread God's word then?  Wouldn't we want Christians to be an "exclusive" club?  We wouldn't want all of those lowly atheists and humanists to spoil the mix now, would we?  (I hope you all picked up on my sarcasm, because I was laying it on thicker than peanut butter there.)

Well, then Mr. High School goes and says it.  It blew my lid off when I was trying to understand what he was saying. 

"Things that are unequal should be treated unequally. I don't treat my friends the same way I treat my dog. In the same manner if someone put a gun to my head and made me choose the destruction of either my dog or a piece of paper I don't flip a coin to make my choice, I chose the paper because the dog has more value." 

So now Mr. High School has decided that non-believers are of less value than believers?  Then we're given the example that if a man were forced to choose something based upon value, he'd choose the item or being with the most value.  He'd pick his dog over a scrap of paper.  Logical.  But now do we say that a Christian must chose heterosexuals over homosexuals?  Christians over Muslims?  Are we really supposed to be ranking human beings? 

Side note: Those of you that know me also know that I treat my dog better than some human beings.  It's just a thing I do. 

So Mr. High School (and I'm using this phrase generally, and it applies to more than one person that I went to high school with) and everyone in general, I am less important to Christians because I live with a man that I am not married to.  I am less important to Christians because I sin every single day of my insane life.  I am less important to Christians because my friends have children and are not married.  I am less important to Christians because my friends are in committed and homosexual relationships.  I am less important to you than a scrap of paper. 

But it's okay, I am still important to Him.  And that's all that really matters folks. 

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