Saturday, March 27, 2010

Where are they now?

Now, this isn't a bad episode on VH1.  This is an update of some of the things Mike & I have been up to with the help of friends and family. 

If you need to know what we started with, click here.

I have to start with the progress in the kitchen because it's so incredible.  Remember the ivory cupboards?  Well they're gone.  Remember the red walls?  Well they're almost gone. 

I guess before I started with the pictures I should have entered a disclaimer.  Oh well, better late than never.  DISCLAIMER: Our house is a mess.  You don't live here.  If it bothers you, tough.  It'll be clean after we finish ripping everything apart. 

Sorry for the really bright, over exposed part of the picture.  I just wanted you all to see the horrific red that's still left on the ceiling that is about to be KILLZ'd tomorrow.  And then, take note of the soft, buttery yellow on the walls and sigh with relief. 

I have to throw this one in here, the towel racks that drilled holes for, leveled, and mounted.  Move over Bob Villa. 

Then there's this little fiasco.  Yes, this is my desk for the time being.  Yikes.  It looks like a failblog photo waiting to happen. 

Now that's a failblog photo waiting to happen.  But wait, my only redeeming moment in this photo are the shoe racks that I assembled in the bottom of the left side of the closet. 

This I have to laugh at.  We don't have a kitchen at the moment, so this is what we have.  Pantry on the top shelf.  Cups and plates in the clear box.  Mini fridge in the bottom full of water, beer, gatorade, and paint brushes.  Yah, you read that right. 

Well hello new showerhead.  Mike's so handy.  I love it.

And last, but certainly not least.  For your viewing pleasure.  It's a door.  Not just any door.  But the door to the master bedroom.  You don't know how awkward it was to sleep in a room with no doors. 

Now if only the master bathroom had doors. 

But here, one of my favorite parts of all.  New sink.  New countertop.  New color.  Recessed lighting above.  (I'm gloating.  Be jealous.  I love this part of the house and Mike's letting me have it as a dressing area.) 

Wait a minute, he wants me to have it so that all of my stuff stays there and out of his way in the bathroom.  He's not letting me have the dressing area.  He wants me to have the dressing area so the girly stuff stays out of his way!?!  Oh well.  Either way I'm happy! 

Love you all! 

Mike and Kipp

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