Sunday, March 14, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I know I'm Growing Up

10.  My body doesn't recover from injury, alcohol consumption, or other things quite as quickly as it used to. 
9.  My friends and family used to seem so far away when they were in other cities.  Now they're in other states and even other countries, and they're still far away. 
8.  I used to avoid my parents like the plague.  Now I don't know what I'd do without them. 
7.  A 9" deep Kohler sink and a 5/8 HP In-Sink-Er-Ator garbage disposal with a 4 year warranty makes me happier than most things in the world could. 
6.  My primary job used to be going to school and working was part-time.  Now I have a primary job and as a creative outlet I go to school part-time. 
5.  My time used to be spent trying to ride my bicycle as fast as I could.  Now I try to ride my Vespa as safely as I can. 
4.  Most of the guys in my Prom or Homecoming pictures have now been married, been divorced, or are balding. 
3.  I used to splurge and buy Bud Light for a fun Friday night. Now Bud Light is all I can afford.

2.  I now know the difference between busy friends and bad friends. 
1.  I used to spend my free time doing homework, but now I spend it doing housework.

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Miss K said...

awww cute post! congrats again on your new home!