Sunday, May 4, 2008



So I should probably explain the title of the blog first: Shiny Things Distract Me. I chose this for two reasons: (1) my namesake was taken and (2) simply the thought of something glimmering or shimmering can drag me away from legitimate work for hours.

List of shiny things that have distracted me lately:
1. My new TV/DVD that I got for my birthday. So what if it didn't get installed for a month? I'm happy. It's bright and works for the purpose of this blog!
2. These yummy looking embellishments that I picked up from Making Memories. They are pastel brads absolutely covered in glitter. They look like little candies that go on ice cream sundays!
3. New Sugar Coated paper from Doodle Bug. I picked it up at the Scrap N Yap last week and I have been dying for a chance to use them! Think of an entire 12 by 12 piece of bright paper that is just jam packed with glitter! The best part is that you can cut it and use it for die cuts and the glitter stays on no matter what!
4. My new bottle of Glossy Accents. It's like a clear puff paint that you can put on anything for a scrapbook page. My favorite use so far is to paint a chipboard piece with a bright paint and then throw that Glossy Accents over it. The chipboard is so shiny that it just pops out the page like magic!
5. Puff paint. I've revisited it today to make a costume for Mike's lip sync on Friday night. I forgot how much fun it is!

So welcome to my blog. I have no idea how much I will be using this, but it should be fun and useful at some point!

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Michael said...

You should hate everyone like you hate this woman!