Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GISMODO inspired me

Okay so I must admit, there is a tech website called that has caught my eye because their catch phrase is "So much in love with shiny new toys, it's unnatural. " This cracks me up. I'm in love with shiny new toys also, only sometimes the ones that gizmodo gets to yammer on about are pretty expensive compared to mine.

Well anyways, on the front page today was a picture of some dude's man purse and all of its tech-toys inside. Well I was inspired. This dude had a macbook, a digital camera, a smart phone, an iPod, blah blah blah. Well the list went on and on and on. I have some pretty cool stuff in my purse too! Well here's the point to my yaddah yaddah: I'm a great candidate for the "what's in your purse game."

Okay ready, set, go!

Let's start of with the purse itself: it's coach. Duh. Any self respecting twenty something has a nice bag, and if you aren't crazy enough to go out and spend thousands then you are smart enough to walk your butt into Nordstrom and fork out a couple of hundred for a gorgeous leather Coach bag. Teeny boppers carry pink and white Dooney & Burke (too young for me), my mom has a killer brown Dooney & Burke (too old for me), and I carry...well I carry Coach.

On a side note, the size of the Coach purse that I carry inspires many onlookers to call it the "Mary Poppins" bag. I don't take offense because when they need something they come running to me and I probably have it in the gorgeous bag that they just mocked.

Now the contents: varied.

There is always my smart phone. Right now I'm rocking the Treo755 for Sprint. It may seem a bit like a brick at first, but this little blue block of heaven is my life. My calendar. My memos. My address book. My internet connection when I'm on the go. I'm hooked. Call me a "treonaut" or whatever you will, but I doubt I will ever own a "crackberry" or an "IpaidtoomuchPHONE." I like the Palm interface, and as much as I complain about talking to Sprint Customer Care, I'll never switch carriers.

Next is a journal. Right now it's a simple blue leather bound book that I grabbed from Target or such. It started way back as a food journal. It's since been abandoned and I keep it in there for thoughts, great tunes I just heard, and just all out funny pieces of information I pick up throughout the day. I have a horrible memory and it just helps me remember the good stuff in life. If life is a cupcake, only the icing makes it into the journal.

Now for the every popular iPod: it's blue (like everything else in my purse so far) and is constantly befriended by a great armband that I picked up at the Apple store a long time ago. It carries all the favorites plus any new downloads that I'm testing out to see if I like or not. Recently added are new stuff from my two favorite boys: Gavin DeGraw and Jason Mraz. I'm really liking the new duet called "Lucky" by Colbie Calait and Jason Mraz! But it doesn't stop there. I have this eclectic love of tunes that includes everything from the pop-centric ABBA all the way to the groovy and unshaven ZZ Top. I also keep some comedy sketches from Margaret Cho, Robin Williams, and of course, Dane Cook on there. You never know when you are going to need to laugh.

Okay now we've dispensed with the obvious, what else is in there you ask? How about a MAC make-up bag that is bursting at the seams with fun things such as Maybelline mascara (you know the one ladies) and about 3 MAC lipglass tubes? Oh that's not all. Scattered throughout the bag are an assortment of lip goodies: a mini Rocket Balm (for upstairs and downstairs), some Burt's Bees, those click-able lip glosses by Stila, etc.. I'm a lip gunk whore.

Then there's the HP R927. My camera. It's just about obsolete, but believe me it's been a good little piece of equipment. 8 megapixels. 2 memory cards in case of emergency. A battery that lasts just about 1 hour less than you need it to. At least it has the "slimming" feature that I can push to edit my photos before I even transfer them onto my computer and attack them with Photoshop. Hah. Take that!

Now besides my keys, that's pretty much it. There's random slips of paper, gum, gum, gum and more gum, floss, listerine strips and then pens for writing nots. But we can't forget the matching Coach wallet (of course) that is jam packed with gift cards, membership cards, ID's, school ID cards, debit cards, etc..

So here's the run down: I love tech stuff. I love blue. I try to keep organized, but I'm in a bit of a shamble every once in a while. So think about it. What does your purse say about your life?

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