Thursday, May 8, 2008

Star is Shiny, She Distracts Me

Okay so I hit up Yahoo everyday for the latest little bits and blurbs about what's going on around our country. Rarely do they have much worldwide news. I hit up the Entertainment section today and what did I see? STAR JONES IS YAPPING AGAIN!

Now I have always dislike Star Jones for multiple reasons, but my favorite reason to dislike her is now apparent: she is publicly attacking Barbara Walters.

Now everyone makes mistakes in my opinion, but admitting to fault is part of humility in my eyes. Barbara Walters has recently written a book, and in this book she outlines her career as well as a time in her life where she had an affair with a powerful man. Admission of fault. This is a big deal to me. She also outlines how she changed broadcasting and reporting forever and conducted some of the greatest interviews of our time. Does anyone care about that? No, they are just interested in the affair part. Well so is Star Jones!

Star Jones had the nerve to say that Barbara Walters is in the "sunset" of her career. Well that's a pretty hefty comment considering that Star Jones' career last a brief 15 to 20 minutes and there was no sunset. Someone simply turned out the light. In my opinion, Barbara Walters turned out the light and I am damn proud that she did. She then said that she shouldn't have humiliated that man and his family. Hah! That man embarassed his own family, Barbara Walters is doing that family a favor: they now know (without a doubt) that this man is an adulterer.

For those of you that remember, Barbara decided not to renew Ms. Jones' contract on The View a few years back. The following was what I saw when I looked at the situation:

  1. Star was obese, then Star was svelte really fast. Almost too fast. Apparently Star is mad that Barbara wouldn't let her talk about her gastric bypass surgery. You know what? Good. I think that the more surgeries celebrities have, the more danger the public is in of thinking "oh that looks easy, I will do that too!" Thank you Carnie Wilson for showing the procedure and the fact that you can, indeed, gain the weight back!
  2. Star was married in a highly publicized and extravagant wedding during her time on The View. A wedding that she paid for through shameless plugs during The View's televised broadcasts. You know what? Pound sand you spoiled brat! It's amazing to me that Barbara didn't send you packing after that! That show helped pay for a gawdy wedding for a marriage that didn't even last?

So in conclusion, I would like Star Jones to go back to being a lawyer (because apparently that's what she originally did) and continue shoving food into her mouth (like she used to do) so that I don't have to listen to her try to complain about Barbara Walters writing a book for publicity. Star Jones is just as much of a publicity whore, if not more. Now she is simply trying to ride the coattails of Barbara Walters' book. Go back to Larry King, I certainly don't want to hear your voice anymore.

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