Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something Healthy

The "Smealthy" Salad with brie, apples, grapes, nuts, and a balsalmic vinagrette

.Myself and a co-worker discovered a Monrovia gem today! On Shamrock, where ToGo's used to be is a new restaraunt called "Something Healthy." The name is innocent enough and because we are all on our New Year's Day diet plans we decided to check it out. Here's the scoop:
Almost evertything on the menu is $7.
Almost everything is extremely healthy.
Almost everything we tried was extremely delicious.

The long and the short of it is that everything we ate was healthy and yummy! I had what they called the "Smealthy Salad" (we think that stands for smart + healthy) and it was yummy! She had the Greek Sandwich on Sourdough and it came with a small green salad. She didn't enjoy the dressing but was satisfied enough from the sandwich that she skipped the salad altogether. We left talking about when we could go back and sample the rest of the menu!

On a side note, if you order a salad or sandwich you can add one of their delicious and fresh iced tea's for only $1! What a great find! A healthy and satisfying lunch for less than $9!!! I'm so excited! All that and it is walking distance from our office.

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