Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding

I know you're all saying to yourselves, "gee Kipp, you've been a bridesmaid an awful lot." Well you're right. I put on my first dress for a wedding when I was just a toddler. I remember it well. Teal with white lace accents. Hey, it was the 80's. Back off.

Well since that day, I've been a flower girl twice, a book attendant once, a junior bridesmaid once, and a bridesmaid four times. If you're counting, that is 8 different dresses. I imagine I fit in only three of them today. They've been teal, they've been floral, they've been champagne colored, they've been different shades of pink, and finally...the very forgiving color: black. Yes, black. I love black bridesmaid dresses. You heard me right. I know it's a day of celebration, but black is so striking as an accent color that I love it. Let's face it, bridesmaids are just accents. We're the ribbons to the brides dress. If you're a bridesmaid and you want attention, get over it. It ain't your day. You aren't the one with the shiny rock on your finger. The only tears you cry should be tears of joy.

And with that said I'm going to leave you with some lovely photographs of my dear friend, Cristina, as she was preparing for her wedding day. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Zurborg. May meeting Ron Jeremy on your honeymoon be a sign of many things to come!

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