Friday, August 8, 2008

Prima's Maiden Voyage

So, Prima made her first solo maiden voyage today. At 8am we left the
house and my smile was ear to ear as I made my first stop at the bottom
of the hill. Then it was off to the west past a couple of duarte
parks. My city has never smelled so good, or maybe it has but I've
never been so exposed to smell it.

From there we took a northern detour through the city of Bradbury. Over a couple of very large speedbumps (Prima handled them gracefully and with style, I however did not) before we approached our first stop light together. We don't weigh
enough to trip the sensor, but thankfully there were some pedestrians
there who tapped the crossing button and away we went! (Author's note: Never in my life have I not weighed enough to do anything, and it's kind of a good feeling, even though it seems rather frustrating.)

Then it was through the housing tracks of old Monrovia where Prima
would give a gleeful little glug when we passed a historic home that
had a beautiful driveway and garage. she has her own way of asking for
a nice house someday... Hey! A bike can dream!

And now we rest at a lovely little coffee shop in old town Monrovia.
She'll be so sad when I put her kickstand up and go into the lab
today..but you and I both know that there's always lunch! ;-)

Update: Prima is sitting very lonely outside next to a Prius hybrid, however I think I saw her stick her tongue out at it twice when she was muttering something about "75 miles per gallong bi-atch!" She is soaking up the California sun and enjoying all of the attention of the MWH, Sun Microsystems, and CalTrans employees as they walk by and stare.

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