Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Total Inspiration

So I was putting around today and got inspired to finally hang those frames I bought from Ikea in Mike's room at his new house. But the frames are boring. So then I started looking into ways to spice them up. I stumbled onto a website called DIYbride and found this great project using rub on transfers on glass vases!

Okay so what I'm thinking is that I'll use that same idea and spruce up these boring Ikea picture frames with some rub on transfers, so that Mike's little photo collage will be decorative, but still masculine. No ribbons, buttons, lace, or ooey-gooey love notes. Just a guy's wall.

Thoughts? Comments? Ideas? Suggestions?


leelu said...

sounds cool.
will the transfers work on wood though?

my4sons said...

vinyl lettering will work on almost any surface...have you looked into that? Just a suggestion...


kippyskippy said...

i definitely looked at vinyl lettering, and because of the small size of the frames i like the idea of using small rub on transfers that were orignally made for scrapbook pages.

and yes, i thinkthe transfers will work on wood, although i'm putting them on glass :-)